Jlenia Carrubba, aka Jilavie.

A successful artist , an  eclectic figure with an overwhelming natural talent.

Jilavie  was born in the town of Siracusa, the capital of the ancient world which offers a strongly suited scenario to the exercise of trade and creative arts. Since she was a child, Jilavie has shown a strong inclination for  Music arts and Painting.

After years of hard work in experimentation which were spent  on the stage as a musician and a painter in numerous performances,  her desire  to develop projects in the field of Fashion has taken shape.

And it is now that her first clothes appear entirely hand painted, decorated with lace and glittering sequins, often deriving from effective and surprising recovery and re-enhancement of decommissioned clothing.

Art and Fashion come together in a single trajectory, creating a series of projects that mark the beginning of an unstoppable creative activity which increasingly moves away from the two-dimensional pictorial representation of juvenile onset, in favour of an activity of conquest  of genuine area of living, with the challenge  to carry out works of art that everyone can wear.

Jilavie creates her works in Catania, Italy where  it lies her effervescent  laboratory, known as “Lair of Dreams”. Here you can find an  extraordinary hotbed of sumptuous and refined female ornaments ,lines of exuberant accessories profile that are full of character and, importantly, handmade accessories  such as unique works and in strictly limited editions.

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The material employed for excellence is leather, a charming and timeless ancient material that, in Jilavie’s production, takes a new and definitely more modern aspect.

By stylized and abstract designs , thanks to particular working techniques carried out by using handmade drilling presses or manual carving operations, Jilavie has created accessories tha are sculpture-like and of absolute quality. Very thin fringes, soft feathers and various geometric patterns are always made without the use hollow punches.

The artist exclusively employs leather taken from the best italian tanneries taking, sometimes, into life those leather materials that need to be restored.

Each accessory with the brand Jilavie, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Originality of the work.

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